Bath Roller Derby Girls – Founded in September 2012, this is the lovely league I train with.

Rock n Roller Derby – Run by Em Balmer of the Dorset Roller Girls. It’s where I got all my beginner kit, plus outdoor wheels. Competitive prices, ranges, and a seller who really knows her gear!

Sisu mouth guards on Amazon – See this post for why I love these gum shields. And currently £25 for 2 if you buy direct.

UK Roller Derby Recyclables – for buying and selling second-hand skate stuff. Via Facebook. – Blog of London Rollergirls very own Kamikaze Kitten. Hints, tips, motivation – ace blog.

It’s a Hard Block Life – one of my favourite derby blogs, written by SRT coach and captain, Buccaneer Betty Fear. Armed with rhinos, unicorns and the Donkey of Deliberate Practise, Fear’s blog is funny, informative and uplifting. Read it y’all.

Kid Block Blogs – Exactly what it sounds like! Kid Block from Cardiff’s Tiger Bay Brawlers blogs about roller derby, with coaching tips, skate tips and how to be an all-round awesome derby player.


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