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Monumental update

I’m still here! Just been doing SO MANY derby things all my free time has been spent sleeping and doing my actual day job (booo). But stand by for the most enormous of updates!

berlin_bombshells_bear_city• WAY back in November, Petra, HellCat, Conway and I went to BERLIN to a bootcamp with the gorgeous Berlin Bombshells. I learnt how to hockey stop, and promptly forgot/couldn’t do it on our home floor. Whilst in Berlin, we stayed in Isy’s friend’s awesome converted warehouse, visited Master Blaster’s Skate shop and stroked Marylin Monroe’s furry eyebrows in Roses Bar.


Drying out our pads at the venue...

Drying out our pads at the venue…


• January saw the arrival of more brand new Fresh Meat – and their subsequent graduation in March, complete with donkey and jockey costumes… I am now both scared and impressed at the rate with which our new rookies are rocketing through minimum skills. In the absolute best way, I feel like I need to up my own game if I want to keep my place on the team, eek!


donkey derby

donkey derby 2

• At the end of January, five of us went to BRUGES for Derby Revolution. It was a non-stop skills-fest with coaches like Suzy Hotrod, Sarah Hipel and Mickispeedia (omg!). Amazing classes, sticky as hell concrete floor (with drains and holes to make it more exciting) and a whole ton of amazing skaters. I learnt what happens when you belly flop on concrete (ow), and that ‘intermediate’ means a lot of different things – but most importantly, that over 20 hours of skating in two days is just about the best thing ever. Doubly good as a way of breaking in new skates. This post is so late in the making that they’re actually doing their Summer Revolution RIGHT NOW, and I am incredibly sad not to be there…

That time we met Suzy Hotrod...

That time we met Suzy Hotrod…

Copyright Ian Roofthooft 2014

Copyright Ian Roofthooft 2014

• April was a particularly exciting month – Bath Roller Derby Girls went to PORTUGAL where we played Lisbon Grrrls in our very first public game. Ranked, with the brand new rule set and a proper crowd – it was such a fun game! The final score was 151-132 to Bath, which shot us into the European rankings at 260. Here are some clips from the game, as featured on Portugese youth show ‘Outdoors’:

You can also hear us on BBC Radio Bristol here:


• Following our public debut we’ve bouted a few more times, both publicly and closed. South Wales has a delicious little cluster of roller derby teams who’ve been great fun to play, and following some hard-fought games with both Portsmouth and Swansea Bs we bounced out – and back in – to the rankings, now sitting at a stable 269.


• Fundraisers have been at an all time high, with pub quizzes, car boot sales, clothes swaps and film screenings, including a showing of Murderdrome (complete with zombie usherettes) and a Fresh Meat film by our very own Trevlock Holmes.

Zombie Usherettes!

Zombie Usherettes!

• May brought us the South Coast Roll, where lots of us enjoyed a day’s skate around Goodwood Motor Circuit. S’Mac Down Angel skated a marathon, just for funsies…


• And most recently, we’ve been getting our bootcamp on again! As well as attending Tiger Bay Brawlers’ excellent Double Threat Tour in Newport, we’ve had an introduction to reffing with Sleaze and Rollin’ Rat, and guest coaching from Team USA’s Juke Boxx…

Photo: Sam Bolderson

Double Threat Tour with Tiger Bay Brawlers. Photo: Sam Bolderson

Photo: Daisy Offer

Team Sleaze! Photo: Daisy Offer

ref training with sleaze

Rookie – and not-so-rookie zebras. A terrifying herd – pretty sure there were more refs than players!

It’s been a hell of a year so far, but no resting just yet – the end of this Summer will bring with it special event… stay tuned for details!

Oh, and here’s the treat I promised for reading all the way down. A positively adorable comic from my most favourite comic writer just now, Lucy Knisley.

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“Ugh, zombie blood stains like a bitch.”

AMAGAAD BRDG HAD A HALLOWE’EN SCRIM! And my kitten naughtily ate half a bowl of cinema blood and got green paint in her fur and was the most ominous drooling nightmare zombie kitten you could ever imagine. And then 30 rollergirls had ghost and spider cakes and hit each other a lot and there were zombie brides and Nan’imosity even made a splicer pipe.

Look away now if blood makes you queasy, but make sure you at least glance the exceptionally badass golden skull awards HellCat made. Ace.

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Closed scrim with Bristol rookies

Our first scrim with the neighbours. Thanks BRD!

Special congrats to Trevlock Holmes, S’Mac Down Angel, and Katrina for busting their scrim cherries, and pulling out some surprising and magical moves on track.

As always, pics by lovely Dave.

Bath Roller Derby Girls vs SRT Bs

Thanks to Dave for the pics. And happy first bout to SRT Bs! We had so much fun today 😀

(If you want the nice, sharp version of any pics, it would appear you have to click ‘view full size’ on the individual images in the lightbox…grr…)

Plymouth Bs Vs BRDG

A testament to how you can kick so much ass even with a short roster! Thanks Plymouth for coming to play us, you guys rock 🙂

(As always, pics by Dave.)

Fresh Meat has landed!

Dino/unicorn post pending… but for now:

Our Fresh Meat totally just graduated, which means they’ll be joining in main league training from like, next week! WE LOVE YOU, MEATIES!


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More scrim pics!

OH MY, I have to write a proper post about Sunday’s closed-door bout with Devon Clotted Screamers (eee!), but for noooow, Dave‘s photos from the weekend!
They are mostly of Bath (and me!), but a few of The Screamers tooooo.

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Merby and hens

Last weekend we had Wheelia Smith’s derby hen do, which not only involved karaoke, dancing AND bowling, but also a spot of Merby action AND some international derby at Bristol’s double header event! I made my first ever banner for a bout (apologies to our playing coach Petra Bomb for what must have been the most intimidating swarm of yellow supporters in the entire world), but our crazed screaming and stomping must have done *something*, as Petra pulled some kick-ass plays, and won the well-deserved MVP award!

Congratulations also to Bristol Harbour Harlots for a sound example of how to be awesome on skates, and also to Milton Keynes Quads of War / Bristol men’s Vice Quad, for what can only be described as the most entertaining and exciting introduction to Men’s roller derby I could have hoped for. Cupcake, I love your name and tiny shorts. ❤

(By the way I totally stole two pics from Hellcat and Wheelia Smith’s Instagrams for my gallery… preemptorythankyou lovely rollergirls!)

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After a traumatic week of tooth-related horror I decided that being on skates today could only end in death… Obviously this was the perfect opportunity to photograph everyone looking sexy and sweaty during endurance drills haha 😀

Dear lovely BRDGs: I tried to get pics of everyone, but apologies if I missed anything or anyone – you all kinda move really fast. Also I’m a lazy editor so I’ve put up pretty much everything I shot: if there are any particularly incriminating shots just drop me a message and I’ll take it down 🙂

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Come Dino with Me

Steg-CDWM-invite3Okay so I’ve been wanting to post this for ages – but also wanted my derby dinner guests to be pleasantly surprised by Sara’s Dinosaur Apocalypse Brownie Cupcakes – so HERE THEY ARE! (All fully vegan, so true herbivores can appreciate also.)

You may notice that mine differ ever so slightly from Sara’s, but I totally blame that on the UK’s pathetic attempts at red food dye and Waitrose’s lack of cinnamon for the boulders! (Also my printer ran out of ink so I had to use a real dinosaur as a topper 🙂 )

Thanks Sara for the fab recipe; the almond made them soooo good; I’m officially putting almond in everything now!

And big love to my two dining guests who pulled out all the stops with their costumes: masks, a tail and even dino toes! (awesome, no?!)

(There were also two other food courses for the evening, but none of them had ‘apocalypse’ in the title so they aren’t shown.)

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