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Wikko Skates

Okay I’m a bit late to the party here, but I just had to re-post a link to this article on Rollin’ News
(Quick preview, there is a custom skate manufacturer in Helsinki who makes THESE:


And these and these and these…)

You can also find out more about Wikko Skates on Facebook.

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Roller Grrrls comic: Star Wars, you just got one-upped

Roller derby is EVERYWHERE. There I was, casually trying not to lose all self-control over Batman pants and Boba Fett prints at the Bath Comic & Sci-Fi Weekender, when OMGROLLERDERBY happened again.

Not only did Dave, Barry and I have a lovely chat with a fellow named Dan from the Portsmouth league, it turns out that Gary Erskine of Marvel and DC fame is also responsible for the about-to-be-released Roller Grrrls comic.

Steg and Gary Erskine

When the best thing about a photo is neither Ewoks nor Tiny Jabba…

After talking us through his thoughts around the comic (which sounds excellent by the way), he showed us the Roller Grrrls Sketchbook. The concept sketches and initial drawings for the comic are fantastic; this is no brief insight into the sport of roller derby, this is a project that manages to capture the spirit, personalities and issues that surround roller derby as a lifestyle. For a sport that is all too easy to stereotype, Erskine seems to have dug that critical bit deeper and put together something that is meaningful on and off track – and not just to roller derby fans. Plus it looks awesome; the style is so well-suited to the content – these girls are real superheroes.

Promo from the sketchbook...

Promo from the sketchbook


Sketchbook achieved!

I can’t wait for the release of the full comic later this year – in the mean time, check out the Facebook page here. The Roller Grrrls sketchbook is available to buy here for the very reasonable sum of £5, but given the (gorgeous) heavy stock and consequent postage, your team may benefit from a bulk purchase…

Finally, big salute to Gary and his wife Mhairi for self-funding this exciting project in a thirsty UK market. This is exactly the kind of thing British roller derby needs!

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Sylvain Sarrailh’s Roller Derby illustration

Stumbled across these from French digital artist, Sylvain Sarrailh. Awesome, huh?

See Sylvain's portfolio here

See Sylvain’s portfolio here

See Sylvain's portfolio here

See Sylvain’s portfolio here

See Sylvain’s portfolio here

Another game!

impact cityTurns out that JammerUp isn’t the only roller derby board game out there! Rollergirl Hannah recently informed me that there is another one, dubbed Impact City, which also looks set to be pretty good.

Like JammerUp, the gameplay for Impact City is weighted in favour of strategy, but also uses dice rolls and action cards for some moves (I’m assuming something like Warhammer?). As you might expect, the aim of the game is to move player pieces around an oval track, scoring points against the opposing team – most points at the end of the game wins. There are two rulesets; a short-play ‘scrimmage’ one, and a longer ‘full bout’ ruleset.

The standard game box comes with wooden player pieces, but Impact! also make miniatures that look like actual derby teams for slightly more badass gaming. The best bit (obviously) is that you can even get your own team made as miniatures!

Glamour-TeamAnd yep, true to form, it’s another Kickstarter success story! It doesn’t officially hit the shelves until April 26th, but it should be available to buy here in two weeks for $40 – with the optional pewter team coming in at a price of $25 (unpainted). No word yet whether this will be available in the UK, but board game shipping can’t be that expensive… right? 😀

Cue video preview! (with Tom Vasel of BoardGameGeek)

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Roller Derby design from Arna Cunningham

New Zealand designer Arna Cunningham has been making pretty derby things here.

freshmeat design

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Cool derby design from LVL Studios in Nantes

Nantes Roller DerbyA great info poster by LVL Studios, for the Nantes Roller Derby Girls.

Check out the English version of the poster here.

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Chess meets roller derby… what?

What’s this? A Roller Derby board game?!

JammerUp Board Game

JammerUp Board Game

I actually stumbled across this whilst looking for derby shorts, but I’m totally intrigued… This is such a good idea for a game. The rules seem delightfully complex; the creators describe it as “an abstract strategy game based on the sport of roller derby”. Kinda like chess with three-walls and hip-checks. What’s not to love about that?!

Like all the best indie endeavours, JammerUp started life as a kickstarter project (yay people-power!) and appears to have been pretty successful, with some great reviews on Amazon. You can buy it online here ($30 without postage.)

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Kali Ciesemier makes awesome derby art

Loving the work of US illustrator Kali Ciesemier – especially her derby posters!

Charm City Roller Girls poster illustration by artist Kali Ciesemier.

Charm City Roller Girls poster illustration by artist Kali Ciesemier.

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