“Ugh, zombie blood stains like a bitch.”

AMAGAAD BRDG HAD A HALLOWE’EN SCRIM! And my kitten naughtily ate half a bowl of cinema blood and got green paint in her fur and was the most ominous drooling nightmare zombie kitten you could ever imagine. And then 30 rollergirls had ghost and spider cakes and hit each other a lot and there were zombie brides and Nan’imosity even made a splicer pipe.

Look away now if blood makes you queasy, but make sure you at least glance the exceptionally badass golden skull awards HellCat made. Ace.

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2 thoughts on ““Ugh, zombie blood stains like a bitch.”

  1. treblemaker909 says:

    Aw I wanted to see a picture of your zombie kitteh! Silly cats. Looks like you had fun! I’ve had 2 baths and washed my face about 6 times and still have green make up residue. ❤ Halloween! xxxxxx

    • Ah I desperately wish I’d had a camera to hand, but Boyfriend was screaming “CARPET, CARPET!” (which only added to the zombie kitty horror and excited her further) so I was forced to settle for a newspaper fort and kitty towel instead 😦

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