Neighbourhood Watch fail

I’m pretty sure the best thing about moving to a street full of OAPs is that everyone expects you to walk down the road in your pyjamas. Regardless, this is just one way my long-suffering derby widow has shown his epic support for roller derby this month. I hereby dedicate this post to Mr Steg, who has been the most tolerant supporter, driver, photographer, carer, errand boy, costumier and fiancé EVER. And to our brand new neighbours, who didn’t call the Police when the man in Transformers trousers sat half-naked in a car for 3 hours in the middle of the night, before attempting to break in to his own house by squeezing through a tiny top window after his girlfriend went to roller derby, forgot her house key and went to the pub without a phone…

Dave, I love you more than Star Wars and dinosaurs combined.

  • So to business! First major news is that Bath Roller Derby Girls is one year old today! (/lastFriday). So many amazing things have happened for Bath Roller Derby in this one year; I implore you all to read HellCat’s ace post detailing the conception and majestic birthing of The Sunshine League, (or as we call it, BRDG).
  • Second, huge congratulations to our Fresh Meat (inc new refs Barry and Nan) for pushing, hopping, slipping and speeding their way through the beginners course! (Also for sporting darling dresses for the BRDG Debutantes Pub Crawl. (inc new refs Barry and Nan…)) It’s so exciting to have the new skaters integrating into league training now. And awesome to see them improving so much week-on-week – it keeps reminding me how steep the initial learning curve is, and OHMYGOD HOW MUCH YOUR BACK ACHES AT FIRST. (Keep working through those thigh-hangovers, I promise it gets better.) You are doing amazingly well.
  • Dinosaurs vs unicorns… I still haven’t written you a proper post for this, largely because I can’t find actual words dramatic enough to convey the sheer delight and rainbow wonder of the day. So instead here’s a picture of me with Dinosaurs’ mascot, lovingly made by Hazel Havoc’s friend:
The awesome severed unicorn head that Hazel's friend made...

I think my favourite bit is the eye-blood.

And here are some pictures of the dinosaurs and the unicorns, that I borrowed from a nice man called Pete.

  • BRDG have been bouting! A big thank you to Plymouth for a delightful day of derby two weeks ago, and to SRT for having us in Gloucestershire today, with BIRTHDAY CAKE no less! (I know, right?! :D)  We had so much fun and learnt loads; we owe you ladies some serious bruises! 😉  #battlescarpride
  • Two weeks ago something amazing also happened. I got my first ever derby award ever!!! 😀 After nearly coughing up a lung bouting with a chest infection (d’oh!) Plymouth must’ve taken pity, because they bestowed THIS upon me!

*Hyperventilates* Pretty sure I’d’ve traded a whole BOX of dragon eggs for this honour. I still don’t really know how this happened… but…just…yay!!!

Congratulations to Duchess Nukem for totally getting MVP on her first ever bout... :D

Congratulations to Duchess Nukem for totally getting MVP on her first ever bout… 😀

and Scarlett O'Harma, for getting both the Best blocker award, and my personal award for Sexiest Game-Face Ever.

and Scarlett O’Harma, for getting both the Best blocker award, and my personal award for Sexiest Game-Face Ever.

  • And finally! Last weekend TinkerHell, Foxy, Duchess Nukem and me went to the Re-AnimateHer bootcamp in Llanelli, (with special guests Jack Attack and Betty Swollox). A bittersweet affair, as our lovely Duchess was injured just a few minutes in – A huge huge thank you to all the First Aiders, and Tink for leaving the bootcamp to go with Duchess to the hospital.  And Foxy for channelling ALL THE DRIVING POWERS. And kudos to Duchess for being the most hilarious and positive injured skater ever; (I’ve never actually seen someone try to fight a paramedic for a bottle of gas and air 😉 ) –  get well soon Miss Nukem!
  • The bootcamp itself was a tour-de-force of awesome (argh, sorry Duchess and Tink!) – it’s pretty cool to think that these are some of the best roller derby players in the world, and yet they still come to wee Llanelli to share their knowledge and sprinkle wondrous derby glitter on newer skaters coming into the sport. It’s okay, we took about a million notes. These ladies are awesome:

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