I might get to wear a tail.

Okay so I have totally only just calmed down enough to write this post without bursting into flames.

On Sunday, I am going to be bouting in a mixed rookie team for the first time. In public. With, like, REAL PEOPLE watching.

I am terrified.

The thing that makes it all okay?

I am going to be in a team of a real life dinosaurs, fighting actual unicorns.

Best of all, I’m playing alongside another BRDG, Smasha Cake, with a friendly pair of unicorns on the other side, in the form of Scarlett O’Harma and TinkerHell. (I apologise in advance to Tink, wife-turned-enemy).

Seriously, this might just be the pinnacle of derby greatness, right here. I’m not even sure that my imminent house purchase is matching the hype I’m feeling for this epic battle of mytho-historical poster-beasts. I GET TO SKATE ON TEAM DINOSAUR!


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2 thoughts on “I might get to wear a tail.

  1. crispyoakleaf says:

    Do you wear a stego-gear uniform?

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