Cherry annihilated

Following on from Dave’s motion-blur sweat showcase of the closed-door bout with Devon, I present to you:

Nearly Sicking In Public On The Second Best Day Of My Life.

Buoyed by the success of surviving our first ever scrim back in May, the Bath team have been working hard and progressing like the proverbial beast. With a roster largely comprising first-timers, and the Devon Clotted Screamers back for a second bite of our bout cherry*, we were absolutely raring to go.

I’d like to have remembered exciting little details of the bout buildup here, but given that I was largely trying to keep down my breakfast, I’ll leave it at ‘everyone was very excited and a bit nervous’.

After the ceremonial Sharpie arm-numbering, our first line-up was on track, and I was in it. Having not captained a team since I was 15 and a hockey-obsessed boy-child, I was kinda nervous (albeit crazy proud) to step on track with the C on my arm. (What if they’ve changed the rules again and challenging penalties involved fighting raptors with daggers? — No word of a lie, that was in my dream the night before the bout.) But it went okay: there were no prehistoric altercations, our battle cries were amusing if not terrifying, and with the help of VC Petra Bomb, and excellent bench/lineups management from Xixi Stomp and MatLovin’, Bath played a really good game. Each jam got progressively better: every single skater was focused, positive, and the perfect amount of bloodthirsty… The end score was testament to how hard everyone worked on both teams; despite Devon skating slightly short of our roster, they fought hard and it showed.

I felt like the proudest human in the entire world after the bout: it probably seems kinda dramatic to anyone reading this –  especially if you’re used to bouting fairly regularly – but skating with the Bath team, let alone the honour of captaining them for the first time, was a massive thing for me. I’ve never loved a sport – or a team – as much as this. And yes, like an exhausted infant after a birthday party, I cried on the way home. 🙂

Whilst I’m feeling emotional, I’m gonna throw it in here too that we had the best set of newbie NSOs perhaps ever. Largely co-ordinated by one of our particularly knowledgable Fresh Meat, Hannah, our NSOs were totally on it: they quickly got a good grip on timings and recording data, and at the end of the bout I was presented with a complete set of accurate stats. Ace. A massive thank you again to all the NSOs and Refs that helped out – without you guys, derby would be… well, lethal. 😛

Big congrats too to BRDGs Kerri Kon Karnage, Hardcore Blondage and Foxy Hard Knox for winning best jammer, best blocker and MVP respectively: you absolutely deserved ’em! Same goes for Devon – it was hard to choose just three players when you all gave at least as good as you got!

Can’t wait for the next one!
*Apologies for the slightly unpleasant mixed metaphor – it read differently in my head… :/

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