All work and no sleep makes Jack get injured.

Result of a comedy moment in which a wooden bench was brutally assaulted by my shin.

Meet my shinjury. The most disappointingly disproportionate pain-to-bruise ratio ever. (It’s fine for walking/skating on, but OHMYGOD if something touches it, flames literally engulf my body in a cornucopia of raging dragon-vomit pain hell.)

Other than that, June has been an excellent month for skating! BRDG have taken a real leap forwards in the last four weeks: every session is reaching the point now where I’m slightly scared to push harder. Which is absolutely a good thing. I think the mixture of ace coaching, scrimmaging with refs, TBB’s bootcamp and some really hard work from the BRDGs themselves have seen a gradual shift from sessions being fun and exciting, to being hard, fast, and incredibly rewarding.

The Fresh Meat course is also in full swing and the newbies are coming along wonderfully. I can’t believe it’s been 6 whole months since it was me lacing up my skates to meet BRDG for the first time. It’s great talking to the excited newbies, especially knowing that I still feel just as excited about the game as when I started – maybe even more so now!

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One thought on “All work and no sleep makes Jack get injured.

  1. crspyoakleaf says:

    A happy, dented, blue-black Vlee! Glad it’s still jolly & fun.

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