Bootcamp with TBB’s Kid Block and Boba Fettish

tbb-logo-squareA big week for Bath Roller Derby Girls! With a brand new intake of Fresh Meat starting and our second ever scrimmage on the horizon, we thought we’d get some derby mojo behind us. What better way than a Saturday bootcamp with Tiger Bay Brawlers’ Kid Block and Boba Fettish?

Having seen the damage that Cardiff’s top team recently did in the European Skate Odyssey tournament (and at least half of us totally fan-girling at their combined mad skills), we were excited to learn as much as we could cram in. And it was a LOT! Kid and Boba gave us an invaluable session of skills, drills and training tips that will push our gameplay to new places… full heads and sore legs have never felt so good!

A massive thank you to the lovely Kid Block and Boba Fettish, and also to Tiger Bay Brawlers for letting us borrow them for an excellent day of bootcamp greatness.

(Photo nicked from XiXi Stomp!)

(Photo nicked from XiXi Stomp!)

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3 thoughts on “Bootcamp with TBB’s Kid Block and Boba Fettish

  1. kidblock says:

    Reblogged this on Kid Block Blogs and commented:
    A lovely recap of my visit to Bath Roller Derby a couple of weeks ago. It was such a fun day!

    • Thanks Kid, we absolutely loved it! We’ve built some of your drills into our regular training sessions and the difference is noticeable – not just skating-wise, but also in everyone’s attitude to gameplay/communication/strategy in general.

      It’s a shame our scrim the following week was cancelled – we wanted to try out some of the new moves, but we have another scrim coming up in a few weeks so will let you know how it goes! x

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