Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleboobs

bras50Ever wished you could have SOLID boobs? No? Me neither actually, but for the sake of boob safety everywhere, I present to you the Turtle-Shell bra.

I’m pretty picky regarding protective equipment – discounting kneepads, it’s gotta be small, light and comfy – basically like you’re not wearing it – and this looks pretty spot on. I wish I knew about these when I did martial arts! (And last weekend during the fall-boob-skate-entanglement fiasco.)

If any derby girls have tried these I’d be really interested to find out if they work, and above all, if they’re comfy. So, uh, leave a comment if by some miracle you own one of these and can recommend it for skating!

In other news, look what else I found today:


JOY. Creepy, starey turtle joy! More here.

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