Ah man, I haven’t posted in like, a million years. Which is bad because two million things have happened in the last month and now you have a massive post to wade through 🙂

After the somewhat demoralising oh-look-more-minimum-skills-‘kay? situation, Bath had the delightful news that we have more scrimmages and shared training coming up! Our first full practise scrimmage is tomorrow with Devon Clotted Screamers, and I’m 100% excited and 101% terrified.

I totally stole this from Roller Derby City who are printing our shirts.

I totally stole this pic of our shirts from Roller Derby City who printed them for us.

But wait, what’s that you say? SCRIMMAGE KIT? In SUNSHINE YELLOW? With logo and derby names and numbers?! Steady breathing now.
I am SO excited – roller derby awesomeness aside, I’ve always always wanted a shirt with my name on the back – ever since I was a 6-year-old football-obsessed tomboy and my Mum banned me from having my name on my Arsenal shirt in case I got abducted or something. And not only is this one named and numbered, I ACTUALLY GET TO WEAR IT FOR MY ACTUAL TEAM. 😀  The shirts are currently sitting in Hannah’s house waiting for tomorrow, when we will put them on and I suspect never ever take them off.

Next in the two million things that have happened lately: BRDG are opening up the doors to Fresh Meat in a mere 20 days! Really looking forward to meeting all the new skaters; we’ve already had lots of interest from people wanting to skate in the league, but also refs and NSOs. Delight!

Finally for now (as it’s bedtime and I refuse to be tired for tomorrow’s scrim), about a hundred years ago back in April, some of us skated the new Two Tunnels route between Bath and Midford. About 5 miles in total, starting at Linear Park and going all the way through the tunnels to Midford and back. It’s all brand new tarmac so it’s smooth as hell, and being an old railway line it’s flat flat flat and straight. Sorta feels like you’re going downhill both ways. I’ve put some photos below, but what they don’t show is the awesome darkness and ambient music that plays as you go through the two long tunnels. Also it’s considerably less blurry and grainy IRL, even when you’re on skates and using a camera phone as your eyes. 😀

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