Reblogged: Dinosaur Apocalypse Brownie Cupcakes (Or, Sara Can’t Not Make Apocalypse-Themed Anything)

YAY! I can *finally* re-blog this from Sara! (aka DerbyCakesNYC)
Behold the most delicious and awesome Dinosaur Apocalypse Brownie Cupcakes ever reciped…



I was really excited and beyond flattered when Katy Stegosaurus asked if I had any dinosaur-themed recipes that she could make for a roller derby event across the pond.  I have loved dinosaurs since I remember watching the eponymous television show when I was four-years-old at my mom’s friend’s house in Montauk (yes, people, my family vacationed in Montauk long before Puff Daddy turned it into a playground for the 1%, and before Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).  I love dinosaurs so much that my nickname from a high school boyfriend was “Sarasaurus,” and I brought plastic figurines of assorted dinos to college to adorn my plywood bookshelf. Need proof?


I spent quite a few minutes thinking about what would be great flavor and aesthetic combinations.  I say “quite a few minutes” because the answer became clear very quickly:  Brownie cupcake (for the earth!)!  Red-colored cream cheese icing…

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