Come Dino with Me

Steg-CDWM-invite3Okay so I’ve been wanting to post this for ages – but also wanted my derby dinner guests to be pleasantly surprised by Sara’s Dinosaur Apocalypse Brownie Cupcakes – so HERE THEY ARE! (All fully vegan, so true herbivores can appreciate also.)

You may notice that mine differ ever so slightly from Sara’s, but I totally blame that on the UK’s pathetic attempts at red food dye and Waitrose’s lack of cinnamon for the boulders! (Also my printer ran out of ink so I had to use a real dinosaur as a topper 🙂 )

Thanks Sara for the fab recipe; the almond made them soooo good; I’m officially putting almond in everything now!

And big love to my two dining guests who pulled out all the stops with their costumes: masks, a tail and even dino toes! (awesome, no?!)

(There were also two other food courses for the evening, but none of them had ‘apocalypse’ in the title so they aren’t shown.)

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7 thoughts on “Come Dino with Me

  1. Oh my goodness, this rules!!! I wish I had been there, but alas. The cupcakes look extraordinary!! I am so thrilled that you guys had such an awesome time, and some amazing cupcakes to boot. 😀

  2. Eeee, thanks Sara! I feel bad that you’re so far away and couldn’t sample your Britainised recipe first-hand. (I could of course post one, but I fear the structural integrity and freshness might suffer somewhat.) If you ever fancy visiting Bath, UK we should have a dino dining and derby session 🙂

  3. Lorem Ipsum says:

    Hi there, if it’s fine by you, I’d like to reblog this article as part of my site’s Apocalypse Thursdays post! One can get mighty hungry waiting around for Armageddon to start kicking in…

  4. I’ve definitely been told weirder things! Love the idea of Apocalypse Thursdays by the way. I realise it probably makes more sense to reblog the original Apocalypse Brownie Cupcakes post from Sara but as far as my stuff is concerned, reblog away! 🙂

  5. Lorem Ipsum says:

    Reblogged this on Missing Zero and commented:
    One can get mighty hungry, waiting around for Armageddon. So check out this recipe for Apocalypse cupcakes…

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