Pony hair and the week of dreams

SO MANY EXCITING THINGS. I might just bullet point because I’m too excited to form paragraphs.

  • Our awesome coach has organised another mixed practise scrim for MAY (*hyperventilates*), plus some guest training…

    I gone got my hair did

    Mermaid-pony hair. It also has orange stripes but you can only see them when I swoosh it like David Ginola.

  • I went to my first ever roller disco NOT resulting in broken bones. (Also my second ever roller disco).
  • Whilst at said disco I freaked at the mad skills of a Mrs Dave Grohl and played hockey on wheels. Felt sad that one of our ace coaches is leaving this week 😦
  • Had our first skate with A Boy last Sunday. He was very tall and good at hitting girls. (This isn’t why our coach is leaving.)
  • Loads of the rollergirls are so close to being min-skills passed which means PRACTISE SCRIMS SOON!
  • Our league’s skate names have been sent to TwoEvils for registration… 😀
  • I finally worked out backwards crossovers and can occasionally do it intentionally now (haha). Transitions also seem to be a regular drill now at training, which is making a massive difference to my skating, control and stopping.
  • I took a friend (also a boy) to a roller derby bout a few months back and now he’s obsessed with skating and is training with Cardiff’s merby boys and he’s really really good already.
  • Rollergirl Come Dine with Me this week (EEK!)
  • The Little Mermaid and My Little Pony had a love child and it was my hair.

The end!

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