Life is what happens while you’re busy playing roller derby

Everything seems to be going double-speed at the moment. In two weeks I’ve worked nearly 100 hours, headed my first big design project in my day job (scary), been treated to another delightful rollergirl meal (yum!), put a deposit on a house (also scary), passed my minimum skills(!!!), and hit a decent few Bath Digifest events. And all the while I can’t stop thinking about roller derby! It’s like my life is forcing me to become a grown-up, while the rest of me is screaming ‘NO! GO WEAR WHEELS ON YOUR FEET AND PANTS ON YOUR HEAD, AND HIT GIRLS!’

I’m totally not complaining though; in the grand scheme of things, this week rates highly as one of the actual best ever.

Scruffy skates

Skates update: the poor Suregrips appear to have taken a bit of a beating, with a snapped lace and some rather well-worn boot padding… sorry little skates!

The most exciting roller news for Bath this week is that we have our very first closed-door scrimmage booked in for June! Which is like, ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY. I’m equal parts super-excited and terrified – but hopefully two months means lots of time to practise. Having never scrimmaged as a Bath team there is vague potential for actual death occurring (especially with my clumsy limbs involved, (and my cousin’s wedding the night before)), but it’ll be a great opportunity for our team to learn loads, and I really really can’t wait. Two of us are now min skills passed, and loads of others as-good-as-passed – I’m hoping we can start internally scrimmaging really soon so we can at least remain upright during the closed bout! Eeeeeeeeeeee!

The only thing that could make next week better than this one is a certain cupcake-related event that might just’ve had some input from a derby girl across the pond… Details soon!

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