New wheels and feeling good

I got new wheels! (No, not the VW Shorty I so clearly need) – but these beauties!









After my confusion about which wheels to buy I decided to gamble with a mix and match set, largely because I wanted my skates to look like wasps. And also because at 92a and 86a, they will apparently stick me to the track like Spiderman.

I sort of feel like changing wheel setups shouldn’t make much of a difference as a rookie, but after trying these for the last two weeks I can safely say that the difference is noticeable. At first I was slightly unstable on the slimline footprint, but they definitely feel more maneuverable, and after today’s session (where I figured out I can actually jump and weave), I am totally in love with them.

spider-man-climb-cartoonI like the size as well; they are the same diameter as my Fugitives (a healthy 62mm), so logically fairly fast, but they are also super-slim. From a physical perspective I guess this means I’m not adding needless floor-resistance, clumsiness or extra weight. Yay!

And to make today even better, I just got told I only have hits, speed and the written test left to check off for minimum skills. I’m so happy right now I could burst into flames 😀

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