Sewing with Pokemon – Or how not to make a bandana

In the traditional sense, I’m rubbish at being a girl. I can’t sew, I’ve never cooked a roast, and I sweat like a ham when I skate. Nice. Tired of stinking up my derby helmet with sweat I decided to take drastic measures… I DID SEWING.

Sorry Ash, but this is a sweaty emergency.

Sorry Ash, but this is a sweaty emergency.

As I’m utterly broke (and probably can’t even afford roast-able ingredients anyway) I raided my old fancy dress box for something that I could make into a helmet liner, or bandana as it ended up. Cue Pokémon fabric!

Now I’m pretty sure eHow writers are massive liars because “one of the easiest sewing projects” took me almost two hours and more than a little unpicking. (This clearly had nothing to do with me abandoning the instructions and deciding I wanted a triangular one instead, with mitered corners all over the place). But my gamble paid off, and now I have TWO triangular bandanas for the price of one, and it’ll be cooler because it’s just one layer. And also because it has Pikachu on it. And mostly because even if it’s worse than no bandana I’m going to convince myself that it’s amazing, because this is my first sewing project that’s ever actually sort of worked, and to admit that it’s useless would be…well…sucky.

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