Chess meets roller derby… what?

What’s this? A Roller Derby board game?!

JammerUp Board Game

JammerUp Board Game

I actually stumbled across this whilst looking for derby shorts, but I’m totally intrigued… This is such a good idea for a game. The rules seem delightfully complex; the creators describe it as “an abstract strategy game based on the sport of roller derby”. Kinda like chess with three-walls and hip-checks. What’s not to love about that?!

Like all the best indie endeavours, JammerUp started life as a kickstarter project (yay people-power!) and appears to have been pretty successful, with some great reviews on Amazon. You can buy it online here ($30 without postage.)

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3 thoughts on “Chess meets roller derby… what?

  1. Hannah says:

    Hey apparently there’s another roller derby game called impact city

  2. […] out that JammerUp isn’t the only roller derby board game out there! Rollergirl Hannah recently informed me […]

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