Mass wheel confusion!

Plow stops are driving me mad. I just don’t get it, one week I can stop on concrete and not sports hall, the next week I can’t stop on either, or I’m just sliding laterally on my wheels. I’m certain that my technique is almost entirely to blame, but I’m also very aware that I’m losing a lot of energy/speed on crossovers due to sliding, and not gripping enough to push out on corners.

I’m really keen to start experimenting with new wheels and formations but I’m so intimidated by the amount of a) wheel types, b) information available and c) wildly different wheel reviews, I have no idea where to start.

So far I’ve managed to glean that the things affecting wheel choice are: skate surface, weight, skating technique and personal choice. But I don’t really know how to define any of these with enough certainty to blow £50 on a set of new wheels. I’ve read that half and half (i.e. grippy on the inside, speedy on the outside) might be the best choice to begin with, but ARGH where to start?!

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One thought on “Mass wheel confusion!

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