Bouts, booze and bearings

I think I just had the perfect weekend. Bouts, booze, bearing-cleaning, amazing chilli and a proper skate workout. So much love for Bath Roller Girls right now!

Saturday afternoon was the double-header bout for the SW:UK Derby tournament – this time hosted by Wiltshire  – and it was ace. Most of the Bath league were there shouting from the sidelines, along with Dorset’s devoted supporters and a sea of Wiltshire green.

It was an excellent introduction to live derby as most of our league had never been to a public bout. And given that the four teams playing are all still relatively new, it was inspiring to watch. I came out of it buzzing, and desperate to get skilled up to scrimmaging level with Bath!

Both bouts were incredibly close – Dorset fought hard (and very fast) against Plymouth City but after one power-jam too many from PCRG, Dorset finished up 77 to Plymouth’s 110. My favourite bit was Naz-T Bitch‘s jamming right at the start, teasing Plymouth’s (lead) jammer and single-handedly holding her back from the pack. Some great theatrics, a few star-passes, and even better skating.

Wiltshire and Kernow’s match was the closest I’ve ever seen – a critical final jam saw Kernow just pip Wiltshire to the post, and take the home win. I’m also totally fan-girling over Feral Peryl, who seemed to skate almost every jam, and packed in the apex jumps with some exceptional jamming. By the last few jams it was clear that everyone was skating to breaking point, and Wiltshire’s Cupcake or Death took some impressive damage – hoping she’s okay, she did brilliantly.

Also for the record, skate training with a hangover is unpleasant, but shiny clean bearings and happy Bath skaters are lovely 🙂

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