Choosing a skate name


The internet once told me that choosing a skate name is a fun and important part of becoming a rollergirl. Like naming a pet, or choosing a crazy super-power. Awesome, right?

WRONG.  What the internet failed to mention is that choosing a unique, witty, appropriate and un-taken derby name IS REALLY BLOODY HARD! A whopping three months of web-searching, thesaurus-ing and checking TwoEvils for duplications, I’ve finally settled on a name that I love.

Some of the names in the running were The Pantychrist, Puke Nukem and Stego-sore-ass, but after some unsavoury Google image-searches, (and realising my name would be shortened to ‘panty’, ‘puke’ or ‘ass’ respectively), I opted for the slightly more conservative ‘Steg O’Soar’ and the number 505. I feel proud.

So yeah. IT’S OFFICIAL. (Almost. I’ll be waiting for name confirmation before I print it on my pants or anything). But it’s kinda nice to finally have an identity to skate under, even if I do have a looooong way to go before people actually need to use it! 🙂


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