Accursed driving test.

Soooo it turns out you actually need to know how to navigate roundabouts in order to pass a driving test. Gah. Think I might just skate everywhere from now on!

Another great derby session with the Bath girls on Sunday, and I’ve started checking off my minimum skills – so far, almost all stops and falls (except the baseball fall – still yet to learn that mythical beast). We did some endurance stuff too, and given that I have the muscle tone of a comatose slug, my feeble 90 seconds of planking felt like a real achievement. Really need to work on core strength, but my leg muscles are finally gaining some stamina, and I can now sprint for 10 minutes non-stop with drills in between.

I’ve almost stopped being scared of pushing my speed, even during the horrible few seconds where my feet sometimes slip out on crossovers. Practising on Bath’s range of floors is amazing (though pretty slippy on Sunday), and as much as I miss Dorset’s warm, smooth training space, Bath’s venues have real character.

An amazing group of skaters too – everyone is really friendly, and seem dedicated to making something with Bath’s Roller Derby team. Bring on Sunday! (And curse my lack of driving certificate that means I miss tonight’s training. Grr.)

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