Bath-time for Fresh Meat

logoHad my first Fresh Meat session with the Bath league last night, and it was awesome! My thighs were protesting slightly this morning, but I’ve come to accept that thigh hangovers are a good thing, because it means I’m skating lower. (Or more likely that my thighs just hate me for making them work after all this time.) I think I only skated for an hour as well – that’ll teach me to not warm up properly!

Ahh I loved it so much – Bath are a pretty new league so it feels like everyone is learning together, which is ace, and there’s a great friendly atmosphere.

The practise space was really different to Dorset’s – I was a bit scared at first of the painted concrete floor, but I soon realised that the only painful falls would be backwards ones (and I’m hoping not to do too much of that anyway!). The track was about half-size I think, but being circular it felt like the skating was much tighter and closer. I guess this will be really good for tightening up skills and movement, as there is literally very little room for error!

Ahhhhhh, can’t wait for Sunday!

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