Moving out –> Tokzilla boobs

Seems like I need to learn time-management. After a month of procrastinating (and eating), I’ve left myself two days to pack up, move out, start a new job, finish my current job, give a 2-hour Photoshop lesson, move in, join the Bath Roller Girls, meet a newborn baby and re-take my driving test. Hmm.

Most importantly I found the car I want!

Soon, my pretty.

Soon, my pretty. Soon.

I’m really excited about my new job…internship…thing. (By excited I also mean terrified.) The studio essentially consists of four shiny Macs, nice design books and three super-cool guys. So there’s lots of pressure on me to be a) not a clumsy oaf-child and b) good at lunchtime keepy-uppies. In my interview I think they thought I was a boy so probably I have to keep up the pretence by knowing about manly things like wrestling and blacksmithing. In my head I’m Mulan.

And Fresh Meat – I’m suddenly nervous about skating in front of new people! I’ve heard that the Bath team are lovely but I’m worried I’ll either be embarrassingly bad, or the weird one who can kind of already skate but not at team standard and I’ll be all left out… I might wear my Tokzilla t-shirt in case. No-one can hate a girl with a fictional monster on her boobs, right?

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