On gumshields, spit and science

I decided the Protech Dent/Sisu mouthguard deserved it’s own whole post because it’s awesome.


Protech 'Dent' Mouthguard (Now called Sisu 1.6)

Protech ‘Dent’ Mouthguard (Now called Sisu)

Okay, it’s just a boil-and-bite gum shield. But compared to every other one I’ve tried, this one’s great – it’s slim, doesn’t cut your mouth up and you can breathe, talk, drink, and smile with it in. It doesn’t fall out (it’s very snug), and is barely noticeable in comparison with other gum shields. And it’s re-mouldable if you mess it up (which I always seem to). Granted, it’s expensive (currently £18 or £25 for 2), but I think absolutely worth it for the comfort.

Now useability is one thing, protection is another. According to Protech, it gives 30-50% better protection than the thicker mouth guards. Whilst this sounds great, I’m not sure I’m totally convinced, as their ‘scientific impact study’ seems vague at best. Also, this article (among others) from the British Journal of Sports Medicine implies that thickness is a big contributing factor in dental impact protection. However, I’m not really intending on taking a full-force punch to the face – and as this article proves, the information surrounding the efficacy of mouthguards in impact sports isn’t always accurate. There is no international standard (scary), so I think it’s fairly safe to assume that it’s at least AS effective as other boil-and-bite gum shields on the market. Plus it looks ace. 🙂

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